Big Update!

First things first:

A huge apology for going dark on here.

We should have been more regular with our updates on here. That fell by the wayside unfortunately. Mea culpa. However, we have not been slacking off!

Last Spring (2017) we brought KFSF to PAX:South, VRLA, DreamHack:Austin, and CanadaVR Expo. We took a lot of notes and tried to iron out the sticking points.

  • New Basement Arcade area.  This will be our Main Menu going forward with the project. (We're ditching the garage scene.)
  • Arm Calibrator.  In the Basement, there is a punch game that can be used to calibrate the player's arm length. This will effect the shadow step distance along with enemy position.
  • FightClubAI - We've created an AI system so enemies won't mob you en masse. Instead they'll pair up on you while the rest hold back.  Tons of hiccups to tweak still
  • Flinching - Basic Enemies (currently the only ones in the download) will no longer attack through your punches. Instead they flinch and restart their attack cycle.  
  • New Player Arms!  We ditched the hulk-esque hands and got new models with light up tattoos!
  • Enemy Health Bars - Hitting an enemy now displays an HP bar over their head
  • Streamlined the tutorial - We simplified it to make it quicker and easier to get into the game
  • Removed the randomized human models - They were a neat idea, but the performance hit was too huge.  We spent a month working with the company that makes the tech, but in the end we had to walk away from it.  Their tech wasn't designed for large crowds like we wanted to do. 
  • Scrapped the old Subway level, made a brand new subway level! 
  • Reworked the Shadow Strike.  You no longer interpolate the position. This feature was never used and we discovered it wasn't needed. We locked it down to be straight in between you and the target.  Also, you hold the touchpad down to charge up the shadow strike. Alternatively just quick press it to do a quick step without slo mo.
  • Added an ever present crosshair to aid with aiming. - it's currently using placeholder icons.

What happened to weapons?

After the expo circuit, it became apparent that we needed a much better AI and a graphical overhaul. Since that is core gameplay features, we felt we needed to improve that first before adding more features.   Weapons are still in the pipeline, and we actually have a few developed. 

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Version 6 Jan 16, 2018

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